Phone Disk (Mac) - FAQs
Why can't I see the files I have transferred to my iPhone/iTouch on the device itself?
Currently, iphone explorer and phone disk copy image and media files onto the device, but they do not update the databases needed to see those files when using the Photos or iPod app.
I installed Phone Disk, but I don't see my device in Finder. What should I do?
  1. Make sure that Phone Disk is installed. After you've downloaded and installed Phone Disk from our site, you may need to reboot your computer for it to work.
  2. Make sure that Phone Disk is open and running. If you don't see a yellow or gray mini Phone Disk icon in your menu bar (the top left corner of your screen), then you may have installed Phone Disk, but you haven't started it. You can start Phone Disk by opening your Applications folder in Finder and double clicking the Phone Disk icon.
  3. If you see a yellow Phone Disk icon in the top right corner of your screen but can't find the drive for your connected device, then from the Phone Disk drop down menu, click "Reveal in Finder."
  4. If you see a gray Phone Disk icon in the top right, maybe try reconnect your iPhone. If that icon doesn't turn yellow, then something is probably out of the ordinary. In some situations this can be resolved by reinstalling MacFUSE. MacFUSE is bundled in our installer, but sometime for various reasons users need to reinstall it. Download the latest version of MacFUSE here.
How do I uninstall Phone Disk?
1. Drag Phone Disk into the trash.
2. In System Preferences, select MacFUSE then "Remove MacFUSE."
3. If you set Phone Disk to start when the computer starts, you can remove this setting in System Preferences, then Accounts, then Log-in Items and then remove the Phone Disk setting.
How do I get access to the real-root on my device?
Gaining access to the "real" root of the iPhone requires jailbreaking the device and in many cases installing "afc2add" from Cydia. Once you've got that figured out, from the Phone Disk menu make sure to connect to the "root" instead of the "media" one.
I just purchased the application, but it doesn't accept my registration key. What should i do?
Quit the application, then reopen it and try to use your registration key once again.
What is the main difference between Phone Disk and iPhone Explorer?
The main differences between Phone Disk and iPhone Explorer are: