The Ultimate File Manager for Your iPhone & iPad

iExplorer Mobile (formerly Awesome Files) is currently in the Macroplant shop undergoing a huge upgrade. We will return it to the App Store as soon as possible. It will be worth the wait.

Check back soon!

Manage your files

Imagine the ability to manage your documents, music, videos, photos, and other files right on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone in a totally intuitive, seamless environment. With iExplorer Mobile and iExplorer Mobile HD, you can create, view, and organize your files where and how you want --all with the effortless multi-touch interface you've come to expect from your device. Gain complete control over your files and find new ways to stay informed, entertained, and productive with iExplorer Mobile and iExplorer Mobile HD.

Whether you want to save web pages for offline browsing, jot down a quick text note, organize your photos and multimedia files, unpack an archive, or perform any number of actions with your files, iExplorer Mobile can help you get the results you want with an interface you'll love to use.

Device to Device transfer

Transfer files from one device to another on the same WiFi network quickly and easily.

File Management

Manipulate your files however you please, from copying and pasting to renaming, deleting, and beyond.

File Zipping

Enjoy hassle-free archiving and unzipping capabilities with a sweep of your finger.

Usb transfer

Import your files directly to the app with lightning-fast USB transfer from iTunes.

Internet Downloads

Download files from the web and instantly integrate them with iExplorer Mobiles' management utilities.

Intuitive Controls

Tap to open files and folders, navigate back and forth with a swipe, and drag two fingers to select multiple files.

WiFi transfer

Browse files on your computer over the local network, and transfer them into iExplorer Mobile (requires Awesome Files Connect, it's free!).

Import Photos

Move photos between your library and iExplorer Mobile.

Text Editor

Take advantage of quick and easy word processing within the app itself.

Our Macroplant support page is loaded with helpful tips and tricks. If you can't find your question there, then feel free to ask us directly. Our e-mail is [email protected] and we’ll get back to you shortly. We check our e-mail 7 days a week, so you can expect a response within 24 hours. iExplorer Mobile works with all iPhones, iPods Touches and even iPads with iOS 3.2 or later. iExplorer Mobile HD is targeted to the iPad with a reinvented interface suitable for the device's larger format. Getting started is easy, and you can find help when you need it through our support page. Macroplant develops a range of performance-drive apps for your favorite iOS devices. When it comes to iPod transfer, our iPod to Mac and iPod to PC utilities are simply the best. These programs feature iTunes and iPod database decoding, complete picture database decoding, automatic transfer, music playback, and much more. Visit our apps page to explore the possibilities.