iOS 8 & iPhone 6 Ready

iExplorer (Mac) -
Requires OS X 10.6 - 10.9
and iTunes 10 or later

For Mac and PC

Transfer Music, Playlists, Movies and More from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod to Computer.

Transfer Music from iPhone, iPad & iPod to iTunes

Your music collection is an important part of every day life, but iTunes doesn't always let you manage your music the way you'd like. While iTunes copies songs from computer to device, iExplorer works the other way. It transfers music from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your computer so you can access your music collection in iTunes at home and at the office.

Transfer Complete!

iExplorer transferred 14 songs from your iPhone into your iTunes library.

Copy tracks from ipod into iTunes

Keep Your Metadata, Ratings & More

iExplorer lets you easily select multiple tracks from your device then perform one-click batch transfers to iTunes or simply drag and drop tracks to wherever you want them. When you copy tracks iExplorer automatically saves your songs' metadata, which includes play counts, ratings, and artwork as they migrate back to your computer. Not sure which songs you want to transfer? You can double click any track for an instant preview. Have more than music to transfer? No problem. From movies to ringtones, podcasts to iTunes U, iExplorer lets you move it all. Transfer movies from iPad to computer, and get all your favorite media right on your desktop or laptop from your device.

Tutorial: How to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes

Copy Playlists from iPhone to iTunes

When you put together a playlist, the thought and care that goes into the process shouldn't end up getting stuck on your device. With iExplorer, you can get control of your playlists. Rebuild or export your playlists from your iPhone to iTunes or a folder on your computer. iExplorer also handles duplicate songs seamlessly, rebuilding your playlists perfectly even if some tracks are already in your iTunes library. With iExplorer, finally, you can move any playlist to iTunes hassle-free.

Tutorial: How to transfer playlists to iTunes
Transfer playlists from iPhone
Copy playlists from iPod to iTunes

Recover iTunes Library from iPhone, iPad, or iPod

If your computer crashed or you're simply upgrading to a new computer, getting your music collection back can be a challenge. For situations like these, iExplorer is the ideal solution. Auto Transfer is a one-step recovery tool that comes with iExplorer that rebuilds your entire iTunes library based on the content and playlists on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Simply connect your device then click Auto Transfer in iExplorer. Within just a few minutes you'll see every song and playlist recovered back in iTunes.

Tutorial: How to recover iTunes library from iPhone or iPod
Auto Transfer Music & Playlists from iPhone to iTunes
  • Auto TransferAutomatically Transfer Your iTunes Library
  • Find tracks in iTunesDetect Tracks Already in iTunes
  • Detect DuplicatesPrevent Duplicates
  • Rebuild PlaylistsRebuild Playlists

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