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by Manny, December 27, 2009
Awesome program, I spent hours looking for a way to transfer my music and vids from my IPod to my PC. Then I found this program. I love the way it just seamlessly transferred everything from my IPod to my PC in a snap. Love it, will recommend to anyone that has had this same problem.

by Bikerchickett, December 26, 2009
Just what I needed, thanks, Fairly straightforward to use even for me !

by Roger Martin, December 26, 2009
The latest version 3.205 is an excellent software tool and has helped resolve a number of issues and problems I had(largely of my own making). The quality of the support I received was superb.

by debbyo, December 27, 2009
After spending 22 hours on the phone with a various techs from India I have my computer back but my iTunes library was completely corrupted and invalid. I searched for "safe" iTunes recovery programs and found myPodApps - What joy!!! The last software I tried didn't restore playlists - - this one does and I am extatic!! SO worth the $19.95 -- I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

by Rob, December 25, 2009
Brilliantly simple and easy to use.....

by Kim, December 23, 2009
Thank you so much, life savers! Laptop needed to be re-booted - This has saved my life!

by karl grindal, December 25, 2009
ive tried for ages to find something that you didnt need a degree to understand. this thing is just brilliant. even for someone like me who isnt a computer wizard. definatly worth having.

by Ethan P., December 22, 2009
This program saved countless hours after my hard drive crashed. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found this program.

by i2iphone, December 21, 2009
Though I jailbroke my iphone iExplorer doesn't let me choose real root of iphone as root [DEVELOPER RESPONSE]: To get the more recent jailbreaks to work properly with iExplorer you need to download the feature which gives you access to thru your iPod or iPhone jailbreak software.

by Cherie, December 20, 2009
That was very straightforward and easy! I have over 4000 songs in my library so it took a while to transfer. I now have my entire library on my new laptop which I am switching to as my primary computer. Great software!