Use Phone to Mac to copy files from any iPhone, iPod or iPad.

For Mac OSX
Phone to Mac - 4.4.3

Copying Music, Movies, and TV Shows

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Your Music and Movie Library

1.With Phone to Mac, you can copy your entire library of music with one click. Simply download and install Phone to Mac, connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, and follow these steps.

When Phone to Mac is opened and your device is connected, it automatically searches for all your files. On the left, you'll see your libraries including Music, Movies, TV Shows, Playlists and more.

2.In the space below your library, you'll see a drop down menu with multiple options. You can import selected tracks or playlists to iTunes, export them to a folder, or automatically recover all tracks to iTunes.

This option allows you to copy over your entire library automatically, with album artwork, ratings, and play counts intact.

3.When you select Auto-Recover, Phone to Mac will tell you the total amount of tracks on the device, the number of those tracks that are already in itunes, and how many tracks it's going to transfer. It will also let you choose which playlists you'd like to transfer.

If you'd like to copy movies, TV shows, audiobooks, ringtones, podcasts or voice memos, follow the same steps above, but select the other libraries you'd like to transfer on the left.

Copying Photos and Videos

Your Photos

1.Transfering your photos and videos is just as easy as transferring music. Simply select what you wish to transfer, and click the "Export" drop down menu.

From there you can export your selections to your desktop or a folder, export entire album to your desktop or a folder, and export all albums and images.

2.With the preview window, you'll always know exactly what photos you're transferring. This is also a great way to view pictures on your device, all from your computer.

Saving SMS, Contacts, Voicemail and More

Creating an iTunes Backup

1.First, you need to open up iTunes.

Note: This does not require that your device be synced with the computer or itunes account you are using.

Right click on your device in the menu on the left, and choose "Back Up". iTunes will back up your device and save your files to the machine you are on.

2.After iTunes is finished creating a backup, open Phone to Mac and select the third tab at the top. This will bring you to the iTunes Archives that include your SMS, voicemail, contacts, calendar events, call history, notes, and browsing history.

You'll notice that the backups you make in iTunes are listed here, and are accessible even after the device is unplugged.

Exporting Files

1.Now that your device has been backed up, you can export any of your files onto your computer. Each file is exported to a location based on its type. You can export calendar events straight to iCal, contacts to your address book, SMS messages to a text file, and much more.

For Mac OSX
Phone to Mac - 4.4.3
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